Jeff Dlouhy

I'm a software developer based in Paris. I enjoy making apps for Apple's platform and have since 2005. Not only that, but I have a wide range of interests outside of programming including design, travel, photography, and more.

During the day, you can find me helping build Darkroom. I'm always working on personal projects, many that never see the light of day.



Carcel is a light meter and metadata management app for film photography. Coming 2024.


Inquire is a context-aware Wikipedia client for iOS. It uses location, trending topics, and other data to show interesting articles around you. It's been selected by Apple as 'App of the Day' multiple times.


A morning organizer for iPad and iPhone. Get a quick overview of what you need to do each day, every morning. It's been featured in the App Store multiple times, pre-installed in the Apple Store's worldwide, and was selected as an Editors' Choice.

Past Work


Quill was a team chat application that focuses on minimizing distractions and help teams work and communicate better. I worked on the iOS and macOS clients.


Hijack replaces Twitter ads with eye-catching posts based on your Reminders. Designed to nudge you toward your intentions… and away from doom-scrolling.

Normal VR

Worked on a real-time multiplayer plugin and backend for Unity apps. With a Kubernetes backend written in Go and client code in C++ and C#.


Worked on v2 of Rdio for iPhone and iPad. Helped maintain and added features to the Mac Desktop app (gestures, more AppleScript support, etc) as well as the Roku set top box.

Camino Browser

Contributed to the Camino Web Browser by fixing bugs and adding new features, most notably Tabsposé.


Was an intern working on the last version of iPhoto before it was replaced by Photos.

SCSH (Scheme Shell)

Write UNIX shell scrips in Scheme. Helping to maintain SCSH part of The Scheme Underground.


A port of MIT Scheme's Edwin Editor to Scheme48. Nobody likes writing Emacs Lisp, this is a long running Scheme Underground project to provide an alternative to Emacs written in a modern Lisp.


iOS social media app for meeting new people through pixelated video messaging.


My first Mac application I wrote in High School. Corripio would download high resolution artwork from the iTunes store and save it to your mp3s that were missing them. It also fixed ID3 tags and added song lyrics when available. It was featured in the August 2006 issue of Macworld.